Wednesday, 16 May 2012

AbouT TienS

ABOUT TIENSTiens Group Co. Ltd (hereby shortened as Tiens Group), founded in 1995 by Mr. Li Jinyuan in Tianjin China, began its march into the international market in 1997. Today Tiens Group has become a multinational conglomerate in fields like bio-tech, education, retail, tourism, finance, international trade and e-business, etc. And with its business reaching over 190 countries, Tiens Group has set up branches in 110 countries & regions and has established strategic alliances with top-rank enterprises from many countries.
The diversified products developed by Tiens Group, such as health food, health care appliances, skincare applications and household products, are creating a high quality life for more than 20 million families around the world and have helped them to enjoy health, happiness, beauty and affluence.Tiens Group has been adhered to its charitable philosophy of "originating from society and therefore contributing to society" and has been actively taking on corporate social responsibility. Tiens Group has donated thus far more than RMB 1.5 billion to public welfare and social charities.A high quality workforce of professional talents, together with a localized and well regulated management, has contributed to the internationally strategic goals of Tiens Group. In addition Tiens Group has an unbeatable international team in terms of research, innovation and professionalism, including more than 8,000 employees; 35% of which hold master's degree or higher. 
Based on a complete operational management system and well-designed regulations, Tiens Group is marching into the Fortune 500 in big strides by relying on the remarkable theories such as "New Swap and Alternative Theory", "New Supermarket Theory", "Consumption Results Wealth" and "Operational Consumption Results More Wealth".Mission Statement:" To provide global consumers with quality products and opportunities of education & cause, improve their life quality, and make the society harmonious."Tiens Brand Core :" One World, One Family "
Tiens Brand Core Value: "Extraordinary Innovation?Paramount Responsibility?Excellent Teamwork"Tiens Brand Slogan: "Together We Share"Business Philosophy: "Contributing to society by restoring health to mankind."Corporate Spirit: "Contributing to China through industrialization, and striving for higher goals through harmonious teamwork and genuine dedication."Quality Guideline: "Parable to build human health, Milestone to realize technical innovation, Method to make sustained improvements, and Heart to satisfy consumers."Aug 2010

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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Apple Can Prevent Growth of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the diseases that kill more often attack women. In Indonesia, women who are diagnosed this disease continue to increase every year. Even in the UK, breast cancer attack about 125 women in each day. Therefore, the researchers incentive to do research to find medicines that can cure diseases that kill.

Recently, research in the United States to find new solutions to overcome the disease breast cancer. Consumed apples every day the researchers believed to be pressing the growth of cancer cells.

In research using mice as a research object, penenliti team from Cornell Univerity's Institute for Comparative and environmental Toxycology, New York, found that apples can slow the growth of tumor asenocarcinoma for this to be the largest cause of death in people with breast cancer. The more apples the fruit given to the rat-mouse, the development of the tumor can be slowed.

"The number of tumor in the rat-mouse apples that give us not only the less, but also decrease over time, not too dangerous and growing more slowly than in the group of mice that do not eat the fruit of apples," said Prof.. Rui Hai Liu, who is involved in research.

Results of research have been published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry this, showed that approximately 81 percent of mice who did not consume apples to tumor cell growth in a race quickly. Meanwhile, a group of mice eat apples every one every day, only 23 percent of the tumor cell propagation.

Menyakini the research team, that the womb flavonoids or phenolics that make apples potentially prevent the development of tumor cells. According to them, one in the womb there are apple flavonoids or phenolics that is high enough that you can fight breast cancer.

Suggestion for Breast Cancer with Tiens Product :
First given nutrition Nutrient High Calcium Powder I. With the uterus Kalsiumnya expected to strengthen bones, and further facilitate the formation of blood cells from the marrow so that the regeneration of blood can be expected to run well against cells that are not normal.

To fight cancer cells are used nutrition Chitosan capsules that have a pH level functionality menaikan body fluids to freeze cells anormal, but if there is inflammation in the patients can be used Cordyceps Mycellium capsules that have a purpose other than cancer also contain the natural antibody against the disease bacteria.

But if people are serious enough, then that needs to be done is accelerate the flow of blood throughout the Vigor Rousing capsules to fight the spread of cancer in the lymph, a new use for the healing of Chitosan capsules.
Rata Penuh
Alternative nutrition for the cancer :
  1. Nutrient High Calcium Powder I
  2. Chitosan capsules or capsules Cordyceps Mycellium appropriate information above.
  3. Vigor Rousing capsules according to the above description.
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Beware 15 Signs of Cancer

Cancer is a scourge for anyone. This disease sometimes appear at any time and can affect anyone, without giving any symptoms or signs of anything. 

Among the many types ofCancer, there are no symptoms early in its development. Signs usually appear just after the cancer is growing rapidly. In fact, with alert and find the cancer early symptoms, course of treatment will be relatively easier. 

If it's too late, the Cancer can spread to various organs and complicate the healing process. Therefore, it helps us recognize some of the following symptoms of cancer. Symptoms of cancer are extremely diverse and can vary in every state and every patient. At least 15 cancer symptoms you need to watch out for: 

1. Changes in the breast 

In women in particular, the breast is one of the most private organ. It is important to check the condition of the breast regularly. Lumps, thickening and discoloration of the skin becomes red warrant concern as an indication of cancer. Itching, peeling skin, or rash on the breast for weeks also should be aware. Other changes such as swelling of the breast skin, the skin is drawn into or contract should also be suspected as a symptom. 

For men, vigilance must be applied because breast cancer can strike even though this is rare. Any lumps in the breast should have to watch out for, especially if the discharge from the nipple. 

2. Unusual pain 

As age increases, the more often you feel the aches and pains. The pain is constant and the unusual can be a sign of cancer. Moreover, pain is not caused injury or illness has ever felt before. 

3. Changes in the testis 

Testicular Cancer / testes often appear in men aged 20-39. Any changes to the size of the testis, either enlarged or reduced, should still watch out. Similarly, if there is swelling or feeling of heaviness in the scrotum. Sometimes testicular cancer can grow extremely fast, so it would be better if you know them as early as possible. 

4. Changes in lymph nodes 

If you notice any lumps or swelling in the armpit or neck or anywhere else, beware! Especially if the bump is growing from day to day and long lasting even up to more than a month. 

5. Fever 

In addition to marking a variety of diseases such as pneumonia, throat infections, fever can also indicate cancer. The American Cancer Society stated fever is one symptom that occurs in early-stage blood cancer, particularly leukemia or lymphoma. Often, fever occurs when the cancer has spread to other organs. 

6. Drastic weight loss sudden 

Weight loss is sudden (more than 10 percent of body weight) and beyond expectations without its own efforts in a short time should be aware. Usually drastic weight reduction is associated with colon cancer or cancer of other digestive organs. 

7. Abdominal pain disorders and depression 

Every man who suffered depression accompanied by abdominal pain disorders need to be examined further, since the experts found no relationship between depression and pancreatic Cancer

8. Excessively tired 

Like a fever, excessive fatigue that does not improve with rest can also be one of the symptoms of cancer. This condition usually arises after developing cancer although it can occur also in the early phase as in leukemia or colon cancer. 

9. Cough not go away 

Cough is always associated with the flu and allergies. However, persistent cough in a long period, about three or four weeks should be considered because it could be a symptom of cancer or a sign of other problems like pneumonia - chronic pulmonary. 

10. It is hard to swallow 

Never underestimate this condition. Difficulty swallowing food or always felt something stuck in the esophagus may indicate cancer of the digestive tract, such as esophageal cancer. 

11. Changes in skin 

You must pay attention not only on changes in a mole, but note also the pigmentation of the skin. Bleeding in the skin or skin peeling off great in a few weeks and can not be lost is one sign of skin cancer. 

12. Bleeding in places that should not be 

Whenever you see any blood from the body parts that should not be such as coughing or vomiting blood, bleeding in the feces and urine, it's time to see a doctor and find out the cause as soon as possible because it could cause cancer. 

13. Changes in the mouth 

If you smoke or chew tobacco, be warned if there are white patches inside the mouth, or white dots are not lost on the tongue, because this is a sign of leukoplakia (an area where cancer was before it appears), which may be oral Cancer if continuous irritation. 

14. Problems during urination 

Age of a man, then the problem becomes more frequent micturition experienced. Could occur lampias feeling when urinating, inability to hold urine, even the frequency of urination is more frequent. But beware if the situation is not improving and getting worse, because it could be a sign of cancer although an enlarged prostate in old age can also cause it. 

15. Indigestion 

Indigestion is continuously and repeatedly can be an indication of Cancer of the esophagus, throat or stomach. Especially in women, an unusual sense of bloating accompanied by abdominal bloating that often feel full and can not eat should be wary of as symptoms of ovarian cancer. 

Give a little of your time to observe and love yourself. Would not it be nice if your health problems resolved as early as possible? Hopefully this guide can make you more alert in recognizing the symptoms of cancer before it's too late. 

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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Apples Can Inhibit Breast Cancer Growth

Breast cancer is one of the deadly disease more often affects women. In Indonesia, women who are diagnosed with this disease continues to increase every year. Even in the UK, breast cancer affects about 125 women in each day. That's why the researchers intensively conducted research to find a cure for the deadly disease.

More recently, research in the United States succeeded in finding new solutions to cope with breast cancer. Eating an apple every day is believed the researchers can suppress the growth of cancer cells.

In research using mice as the object of his research team from Cornell Univerity penenliti's Institute for Comparative and Environmental Toxycology, New York, found that apples may slow tumor growth asenocarcinoma which has been the largest cause of death in patients with breast cancer. The more apples given to the rats, the more it can be slowed tumor progression.

"The number of tumors in mice that we provide not only the fewer apples, but also much smaller, less dangerous and growing more slowly than in the mice that did not eat the apple," said Prof. Rui Hai Liu, who was involved in research.

The results have been published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, shows that about 81 percent of mice who did not consume apples growing tumor cells are moving quickly. While groups of rats that ate one apple every day, only 23 percent who experienced tumor cell cultures.

The research team believe that the content of flavonoids or phenolics that makes apples potentially inhibit tumor cell growth. According to them, there is one apple in the content of flavonoids or phenolics are high enough that can fight breast cancer.

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Efforts to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Breast cancer cases in the United States the world's highest, reaching 112.6 per 100,000 people. In the UK, breast cancer is the most common type of disease in women. Every year around 47,000 British women diagnosed with this disease and about 341 men as well.

Medicalnewstoday mention, breast cancer rates have increased from year to year. Believed that nutrition and lifestyle factors, such as excessive alcohol consumption, diets high in fat, low-fiber diet, and obesity, play a role in breast cancer risk. .

Mariette Abrahams, a spokesman for freelance registered dietitian, explains, today's increasingly high demand how the effort to prevent breast cancer and early treatment.

"In the future, we may be able to provide a more personalized dietary advice for individuals who have inherited a gene variant that increases the risk of developing breast cancer," said Abrahams.

But as early prevention, here are some ways to reduce the risk of breast cancer:

1. Weight control.

Make sure you do regular physical exercise, and choosing healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and low fat dairy products, so that your weight can be controlled.

2. More consumption of vegetarian

Eat more fruits and vegetables, fiber, beans, like soybeans, since it is known to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Try to eat at least five servings a day. Visit your nutritionist to help a simple way to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet.

3. Lower your intake of saturated fat

Avoid foods, especially saturated fat from animal products, and replace them with good fats found in avocados, olive oil, nuts, and salmon.

4. Reduce salt and sugar intake

Reduce intake of salt in every food you eat and avoid cakes, pastries, and cookies because they contain refined sugar.

5. Consider your alcohol consumption

Women who consume too much alcohol regularly have a higher risk of breast cancer. To reduce the risk, you are recommended to consume only 2-3 units per day, or 14 units per week. One unit is equal to half a standard glass of wine or 175ml.

Other factors may also reduce breast cancer risk, such as breastfeeding, consume enough vitamin D, and not smoking.

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High Blood Pressure Risk Causing Interference in Memory

Make sure you to keep your blood pressure start early, if you do not want to eventually end up with dementia disease. According to a recent study, people with high blood pressure tend to have problems with his memory as they entered middle age years compared with those with normal blood pressure.

The team of researchers revealed a link between blood pressure and symptoms of early dementia or dementia itself. They found that people with higher risk of high blood pressure have a pronunciation problem and mental ability, as a sign of a condition known as cognitive impairment.

Dr Georgios Tsivgoulis from the University of Alabama who led the study revealed, "It is very possible that by preventing or treating high blood pressure, we have the potential to prevent cognitive impairment that could be a sign of dementia."

Patients are considered to have high blood pressure if the pressure higher than 140/90 mmHg. The research found a link between memory problems and diastolic blood pressure. If the diastolic blood pressure increased 10 points, then the chance a person has cognitive problems is also increased by 7 percent. The study, published in the journal Neurology, involved 20,000 people participants aged 45 years and over, where nearly 1 in 13 participants are having problems with his memory.

Previous studies also have shown that high diastolic blood pressure can cause weakness in the artery in the brain, which can result in damage to the cerebellum.

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